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Automotive Electronics-2 Domain


Functional Domains

Domain : a sphere of knowledge , influence and activity in which one or more systems are to be dealth with.Can be used the groups of mechanical and electronic systems.

Historically five domains were identificied : Power train,Chassis,Body,HMI and telematics.

Power train is related to the systems that participate in longitudinal propulsion;Engine,transmission,and all subsidiary components.

The chassis domain is related to 4 wheels and their relative position and movement , the system is mainly steering and braking .

The body domain includes the entities that doesnt belong to the vehicle dynamic,such as airbag,wiper,lightning , window lifter ,air conditioning ,seat equipment,

The HMI domain allowing info Exchange between electronic systems and the driver (displays and switches)

Telematic domain is related to components allowing information exchange between  the vehicle and outside world. (radio,navigation system,internet Access,payment)


Controls the engine,according to the requests from the driver,and requirements from other parts  such as climate control or ESP . The controller acts according to natural factors such as air current temperature,oxygen level…

#Designed to optimize certain parameters like driving facilities,driving comfort , fuel consumption.

#Quantity of fuel that has to be injected into each cylinder  at each engine cycle according to the engine’revolution per minute and the position of the gas pedal.

#Ignitio timing,variable valve timing (vvt)

Vvt : controls the time in  engine cycle at which valves open .

#Optimal flow air in the cylinder,the exhaust emission.

The main characteristics

Function : power train control takes into account the different working modes of the motor (slow running,partial load,full load etc.)this corresponds to complex control laws (multivariables) with different sampling periods.Classical sampling periods for signal provided by other systems are 1,2,5 ms,while the sampling of signals on the motor itself  is in phase with the motor times (0.1-5 ms)

Hardware : Requires sensors with specification that has to consider the minimization of the cost / resolution criteria.The electronic componenets that are installed into the hardware platform has to be robust to interferences and heat emitted by the engine itself.

İmplementation : Mastering safe communications with other systems  and with local sensors/actuators.

Continous , sampled  and discrete systems are all found  in this domain.The control laws contain many calibration parameters (2000).


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Automotive Electronic


Hi Today ,

How is it going ? Today i plan to make an introduction to Automotive Electronics  . Electronic systems are getting bigger and bigger day by day while mechanical systems fall off .

Embedded systems in the automotive area consists of ;

• In-vehicle architectures

• Multipartner development processes (subsystem integration, product line

management, etc.)

• Software engineering methods

• Embedded communications

• Safety and dependability assessment: validation, verification, and testing

Some electronic functions that used in automobiles are navigation, adaptive control, traffic information, traction control, stabilization control, and active safety systems.

Today, up to 2500 signals (i.e., elementary information such as the speed of the vehicle) are

exchanged through up to 70 electronic control units (ECUs) on five different types of networks.

electric car Tesla

İn automotive industry,there is 3 principal players :

• Vehicle manufacturers

• Automotive third-part suppliers

• Tool and embedded software suppliers

You see , there is lots of app. of electronics for Automotive sector . See you .

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