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English Words-2


Tonight i want to share the second part of English Words that i try to memorize . I will share 20 of them with their definitons and sample sentence again .

I will write them alpabetically , so they begin with ‘A’ .

Addict : enthusiast

someone who is unable to stop taking drugs

Address : speech ,talk

to speak to someone directly,she turned to address the man on her left

Adduce : cite , illustrate

to give facts or reasons to prove that something is true

Adept : skilful ,able , practised

melisa qucikly became adept at predicting his moods

Adequate : enough , satisfactory

the standard of his work is barely adequate

Adhere to : stick to , attach  to

i have adhered strictly to the rules

Adjacent : next to , close by

we lived in adjacent rooms

Adjourn : postpone

it was also noon when the meeting adjoruned

Adjust : adapt , change , alter

they will soon settle in-kids are very good at adjusting

Administer : manage

the Money will be administrated by the Ceo

Admission : admittance

the senator’s admission that he lied to congress shocked many americans

Admire : respect , value

i really admire the way she brings up the children all on her own

Admit : allow , acknowledge

“okay , may be i was a little scared” jenny admitted

Admonish : reprove

the witness was admonished for failing to answer the question

Adopt : take on , follow , choose , maintain , assume

I adopt this strategy .

Adore : love , honour , admire , worship

i simply adore chocolate

Adorn : decorate , array

mosque walls adorned with religious paintings

Adroit : adept , clever , masterful

an adroit negotiator

Advance : progress , headway

one of the greatest advance in the aircraft sectory

Adverse : contrary , too bad

development which adversely affected their plans

Adversity : difficulty , suffering

his courage in the face of adversity

Advertise : publicize , promote , announce , inform

they no longer advertise cigarettes or alcohol

That’s all for today. Take Care !


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English Words

Today , i am planning to share some english words , with their meanings and sample sentence. I have learned that if you use a new word in a sentence , it’s getting harder to forget it . Our brain getting the knowledge by practising , so i plan to share these words by their sample sentence .

I will give you “50 top words for GRE (graduated record examination)” .  We begin to study and first we should know them . Let’s read .


Abstain : to choose not to do something

He abstained from alcohol

Adulterate : to make impure

to adulterate milk with water

Apathy : lack of interest or emotion

the campaign failed because of public apathy

Audacious : fearless and daring

the risks involved in such an audacious operation


Capricious : changing ones mind quickly and often

she was as capricious as her mother had been

Corroborate : to provide supporting evidence

experiments elsewhere corroborate the results

Desiccate : to dry out thoroughly

Engender : to produce , cause , or bring about

the changes in society engendered by the war

Ephemeral : lasting a short time

fashion is by nature ephemeral

Pragmatic : practical as opposed to idealistic

William took a more pragmatic solution to the management problem


Propriety : correct behaviour  , obedience to rules and customs

they discussed the propriety of  treating ill children against the wishes of parents

Vacillate : to sway physically  , to be indecisive

her parents vacillated between different approaches to discipline .

Volatile : easily aroused or changeable , lively or explosive

a volatile situation is likely to change suddenly and without warning , an increasingly volatile political situations

Advocate : to speak in favor of

devil’s advocate

Nemesis : a powerful river , a usually unconquerable opponent

an opponent or enemy that is likely to be impossible for you to defeat, or a situation that is likely to be impossible for you to deal with


Bolster : to support , to prop up

his efforts to bolster his carreer

Pariah : an outcast

someone who everyone hates

Gullible : easily deceived

plastic replicas of the Greek pottery are sold to gullible tourists

Surfeit : abundance , excessive amount

a surfeit of food and drink

Enigma :   a puzzle , a mystery

the neighbours regarded him as something of an enigma


Spurious : false , fake  , not genuine

he demolished the Opposition’s spurious arguments

Erudite : learned , scholarly , bookish

showing a lot of knowledge based on careful study

Fervid : intensely emotional ; feverish

believing or feeling something too strongly

Lucid : clearly and easily understood

you must write in a clear and lucid style

Opaque : impossible to see through , preventing the passage of light

a shower with an opaque glass door


Placate : to sooth or pacify

to make someone stop feeling angry

Precipitate : to throw violently or bring about abruptly ; lacking deliberation

the riot was precipitated when four black men were arrested

Prodigal : wasteful ; reckless with Money

a prodigal lifestyle

Zeal : passion  , excitement

he approached the job with missionary zeal

Cacophony :harsh  , jarring noise

a cacophony of car horns


Deride : to speak of or treat of contempt ; to mock

you should not deride their efforts

Dissonance : a harsh and disagreable combination , usually of sounds

a combination of notes that sound strange because they are not in harmony

Enervate : to reduce in strength

to make you feel tired and weak , the hot sun enervated her to the point of collapse

Eulogy : speech in praise of someone

the minister delivered a long eulogy

Rescind : to cancel , to repeal

to change a desicion


İngenious : showing innocence or childlike simplicity

Many fish have ingenious ways of protecting their eggs from predators.

Lethargic : acting in an indifferent or slow , sluggish manner

the hot weather makes us lethargic

Malleable : capable of being shaped

malleable steel (easy to get shaped)

Misanthrope : a person who dislike others

someone who prefers to be alone

Obdurate : hardened in feelings , resistant to persuasion

they argued , but he remained obdurate


Ostentation : excessive showiness

her lifestyle was remarkably free from ostentation

Paradox : a contradiction or dilemma

it’s a paradox that in such a rich country , there can also be so much poverty

Respite : an interval  of rest , a temporary delay

the trip was a welcome respite from the pressure of work , we have a few days respite before we have to pay them

Prevaricate : to lie and deviate from truth

i am not sure , he prevaricated

Venerate : to respect deeply

these children are venerated as holy beings


Homogenous : of a similar kind

same type

Laconic : using few words

‘she left’ pascoe said laconically

Laud : to give praise , to glorify

to praise someone or something

Loquacious : talkative

likes to talk

Mitigate : to soften , to lessen

alleviate , measures need to be taken to mitigate the enviromental effects of burning more coal

Pedant : someone who shows off learning

someone who pays much attention to rules or to small unimporant details , especially someone who criticizes other people in an extremely annoying way


Now we finished our first share on English Words subject : Top Gre Words . But that’s not all. We must repeat often , Because our brain wants to forget 🙂 .

See you .

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