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First things

Today,i am ready to share my first post from here “First things”.

As i am new to blog style , this will be a trial for me . So i will tell you about what i plan to share there , who i am , what i am doing .

I am an electronics engineering student at Ankara Uni. / Turkey , and i like it so much . Electronics is a magical area an i dream to be an electronics engineering since i am 5. Because it’s an  engineering form that you can dream and do  : Soldering 🙂

My other plan for life is to get my PhD. level   . So i think that while i learn in school/home or in another place , i should also share that information with people . I should learn to share information with others.

So this blog may teach me that , may be i watch my development from this site .

As a student  , i will not only share electronics engineering technical topics , but also news from technology  , science and getting ready for big exams like GRE ,TOEFL etc.

Days gone by , i plan to share on some  subjects like :


#Automotive Electronics

#C/C++  programming

#Circuit Analysis (Theory-Matlab applications)


#Image Processing (OpenCV-Matlab)

#Digital Devices (working principles,block diagrams etc .)

#Embedded Electronics

#MEMS  (MicroElectroMechanicalSystems)

#Electronic Magazine , News , IEEE

#Exams  (Finals,GRE,TOEFL etc.)

#Classical Music , Photography , Aikido , Swimming , Harmonica

and lots of my other interests .

Today , i think that’s enough to share . See you !


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